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    What is the best way to get to know Jive?

      I am trying to understand the possibilities of Jive and learn more about it.  How did you get started and what do you recommend for a newbie?

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          Hi Kristen,


          Here is a video that might be of interest that was recently put together by a customer.  Shows how they leverage Jive and all possibilities.

          http://vimeo.com/73182796 Trey Wyles

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            Kristen - Welcome!  We really enjoyed the discussion last week and look forward to many more.  I'll let the experts weigh in on this answer but experiencing Jive is the best way I've found to get started.  To that end I'll start using the Golden Living community to communicate with you and I'll invite the Jive experts in as well.  There are also some initial learning videos at Jive Training Videos.


            Thanks Kristen.  More cool stuff on the way.


            James Ellis Charles Mae

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              Ryan Rutan Any info you can help with on this here?  Thanks

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                  Kristen Burgfechtel - In my opinion, the possibilities are endless with Jive, which makes it very hard to try and take it all in at once.  I would recommend starting with a single use-case that hits close to home for you.  Usually something along the lines of a pain point and obvious "room for improvement situation".  From there, you can focus on how Jive can be applied in that use-case to the add value, and at that point, it's a rinse and repeat exercise.  Jive adoption varies from company to company, specifically with the launch use-case.  Trey Wyles should be able to connect you with someone who can walk you through some of the more popular/universal use-cases and show how some of our customers have successfully realized value with the product.


                  Does that help at all?  Trey, am I misrepresenting your networking powers here? =)

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                      Thanks Ryan.  That is helpful as we move forward.  I am thinking even more basic, though.  As an individual user, what is the best way for me to experience Jive for myself so I can better articulate daily use to my internal teams. Any thoughts about that? 

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                          Makes sense, thanks for the clarification.  I think working with Jive is a lot like the first telephone.  Unless you have someone on the other end, the value isn't quite apparent.  If you are looking for some "me first" ways to get started here are some suggestions:

                          • Create a Team Working Group and a Project for each major initiative you are working on.
                          • Take a few moments during/after meetings to jot down meeting notes that were discussed in a blog post, then @mention/share the blog post with other attendees to ask them to contribute commentary.
                            • If actions are needed, then use Structured Outcomes to mark/assign action for accountability.
                          • Work with your team to resolve all actions as they arise.
                          • Iterate on this for 2-3 times and see if you can find a pattern in your meeting cadence, and then ask yourself:
                            • Is there a way to cut the meeting time down by preparing common updates ahead of time in Jive?
                            • Can I alleviate the meeting all-together?  I like to call these Blog-First Meetings, where you book a time every week to meet, but expectations are that people blog updates ahead of time.  If all updates are good, then either cancel or reduce meeting time to just the required attendees and scope.


                          This is usually a very universal and successful practice, but it does take a bit to get in the swing.  From there, you can start on to other processes in your team ... or even expand into department/organization patterns that involve more formal definition.  Hope that helps get you started?

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                      Hi Kristen! As Ryan recommends, one of the best ways to learn more about Jive is to zero in on a specific use case intrinsic to your work and grow from there. You'll be surprised at how quickly you learn and can visualize all of the possibilities! I'm a Community Manager Specialist with Social Edge Consulting so I get to work with people from many different businesses to identify and integrate Jive for different use cases. I see you mention you're an individual user, and would like to better explain Jive to your internal teams. May I ask in which area of work you currently specialize?

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                        Hi, Kristen Burgfechtel


                        I'm the Sr. Manager of Social Strategy at Jive, and just came across your post.  I want to personally invite you to a FREE event Jive is hosting for people just like you!


                        I'm organizing a Social Business Boot Camp for folks new to Jive or social.  Here are some highlights of the 1-day event:

                        • Hear real-world stories of social business success from companies like Allstate, UBM and American Airlines
                        • Build the business case for launching social technologies at your organization
                        • Understand how to win over executives, IT, legal, HR, business units and end users
                        • Network with Jive customers and social business strategists who’ve been in your shoes


                        To see the agenda or to register visit http://jiveworld.jivesoftware.com/track/boot-camp/.  Let me know if you have any questions and I hope to see you there.  As a former Jive customer, I found this event very helpful and got all of my major questions/concerns answered in 1 day.