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    Anyone have any insight into the user training experience when moving from 5 to 6/7 ?


      Curious if anyone can share their experiences when moving from Jive 5 to 6 or 7 from a user training perspective.

      The user interfaces changes are fairly severe so it seems like a daunting process to re-train a userbase after the change.

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          Hey Aaron I'm going to move this to the Jive Internal Communities group so other community managers can give you their feedback.

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              Hi Aaron:


              I have done extensive training on Jive Platforms 4.5 through 7, training thousands of users in person and by webinar.  The jump from 5 to 6-7 is significant, but basic concepts remain the same.  Train users on how to use streams to bring important content to the surface.


              That being said, here are the biggest changes from 5 to 6 to focus your training and communication on to users. While Jive 7 has even more capability, I would focus on the items below for a Jive 5 to 7 upgrade as well.


              Some areas to focus on:


              • Redesigned home page
                • "What Matters Communications" is now your "Inbox"
                • New Left Navigation (highlight inbox, activity streams, actions)
                • You will now see the number of "Notifications" in all of your streams by the "Home" tab at the top left.
              • Custom streams
                • Now you can customize/drill down how you follow people, projects, etc instead of one massive activity feed.
              • History and bookmarks have moved to the search drop down
                • Consolidated into one drop-down
                • Just click in search. User doesn't need to type anything.  They will see the links at the top of the search drop down.
              • The "Follow" button now allows you to choose one or more ways to follow content, places, and people.
                • Following and Tracking content, places, and people is no longer divided up between the "Follow" button and the Action Widget.  It is all under the "Follow" button.
              • "Getting Started"
                • Instead of stale docs, you get a personal tour of your Jive platform that the user can follow or turn off if they choose. This will help a lot with initial training.


              There are definitely many more changes, but to me these are the biggest and most important to point out to your users.  One or our clients did a short, cool video that covered these items. That enabled her to get the new features out to a broader audience quickly.


              As for all of the other capabilities, your power users will find them and use them.  For the rest of your users, show them the new capabilities when you solve for Use Cases in your community via 1:1 meetings.  Or do a lunch and learn for those that want to know the additional capabilities. If you try to train everyone on everything new right after your upgrade you will overwhelm them.


              Hope this help.  Alan

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              Honestly, we didn't plan much in the way of "training sessions" when we went from 5 to 6, and didn't see many problems arise due to that.


              What we DID do was create lots of documentation around the changes, and use Advanced Gamification (creating missions) to help catch people's attention and get them informed in advance of the upgrade. Points, badges and a game of learning makes it more fun and interesting, where training sounds dull and boring.


              Another tactic I use, but one not specific to the upgrade, it to post a status update at least 2-3 times a week (sometimes more when there are new features) that provides a tip on how to use Jive. Most often, it is a lead-in to more detailed documentation already posted in our site. Sometimes it is as simple as telling people they can use CTRL-F to find something on a page (not everyone knows quick browser tricks, or that they will work in Jive). So then after an upgrade, people know to watch my status updates more closely. And I also "collect" them on a page, one per year, in case people want to look back and find more tips on their own time.

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                Hi Aaron Yemm, I've worked both sides of the fence during upgrades as both an internal communications manager for a Fortune 500 publishing company, and as a communications strategist for Social Edge Consulting. And I can tell you, this is a common challenge. We've actually put together some training materials on this exact topic to help our clients guide users and community managers through this scenario.I can help you.with that, if you wish!


                For the record, from an internal Jive community manager standpoint, I usually want to reassure group members that the basics are still in place, just with additional functionality. I've used Tracy Maurer's tactic of posting a quick tip or two, and then link to the deeper documentation. It seems overwhelming at first, but I think the key to a successful upgrade is focusing on the simpler upgrades to features that are easy to grasp and get people comfortable. Highlight the great new features of your 6/7 platform to get people excited, and your community will buy-in once they give it a test run. Feel free to reach out to me if you have any other questions. Good luck!