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    Developer Sandbox Login Credentials are now the Jive Community - Please Post Access Questions Here!

    Ryan Rutan Guru

      Earlier today, we announced a change to our Developer Sandbox, where we changed the authentication credentials to bind to the Jive Community.  All this is an effort to move our developer community more in sync with the Jive Community and improve the overall user-experience.  After some review of activity over the past quarter, we found that a majority of our users should be minimally affected (if at all), but there are some that might run into some issues, and as such we want to try and help you here.


      At first pass, you need to make sure that:

      • Your Jive Community username is the same as your developer username.
        • If you dont care about your past activity, the usernames dont have to match ... however, you will affectively abandon your previous account.
        • Note:  If you need to rename your Jive Community account, then let us know and we will assist you in those efforts.
      • You must Register as a Jive Developer using the same email address as your Jive Community account in order to gain access to the Developer Sandbox.


      If you have any issues gaining access to the Developer Sandbox, please ask them here and we'll get them addressed as fast as possible.