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    Training video download

      Branched from an earlier case https://community.jivesoftware.com/casethread/290551


      Hi Ashish,


      Thanks for filing this inquiry to look into obtaining compatible source files for the Jive training videos.  Unfortunately, since this is not an actual Jive support case, I'm going to branch the case over into a discussion to track the details of this inquiry and will be closing the support case.


      For future reference, please utilize the "Questions?  Ask Us" link on the Jive Platform Training space to submit any other inquiries on this topic.




      Jeph Yang

      Original Inquiry:

      Is it possible to get the Jive Training Videos in a format that they can be uploaded to GAIG's Jive community? This will allow users to view the videos without having to go to a different site. Moreover, more importantly, it will allow us to feature one or more videos using widgets in our community.