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    Running a user report - locations and divisions

      Hi guys! I'm new to the Jive community, having taken on the role of International Internal Community Manager at NBC Universal International a couple of weeks ago (with a background in Enterprise Social Networks). Very pleased to be a part of the community here, and already picked up a lot thanks to the sharing!


      We're 'early days' with Jive here, and with our official launch of the platform imminent, I'm keen to run some measurement/benchmarking, and would like to produce a report of our users, to see where they are, both geographically and in business divisions.


      As we've just enabled 'single sign on' here, this data has been populated in their Jive accounts... but I couldn't find a way in the admin console to run this report. Does anyone here have any recommendations or tips as to how I can access this information in a way that means I can easily pull the numbers from the report? "X Jive users in Japan, Y users in the UK... etc"