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    A Sample Letter to an Executive Comparing Jive with Chatter

      Dear <<NAME>>,


      I have asked my team to put together information on the differences between Jive and Salesforce Chatter.  Bottom line is the differences are vast as Jive is a purpose built platform for sales enablement and Chatter is a bolt on solution to help promote and sell CRM licenses for Salesforce.  I have enclosed documentation to back these claims but at a high level this is what you can expect to see with Jive (These numbers were validated by a top three global consulting firm):


      8% increase in the number of deals

      14% reduction in sales support

      23% reduction in sales ramp up time


      These results are achieved because Jive allows and Chatter does not:


      • Proven methodology for sales onboarding
      • Ability to create deal rooms for all Auction.com employees to have all the details around a particular transaction, for collaboration, get up to speed quickly, and consolidation of documentation (ppt, emails, discussions, etc)
      • Ability to access information via mobile device (ipad, smartphone - ios, android)
      • Deep integration into Salesforce, outlook, Sharepoint, Box, Marketo, and other important sales applications
      • Find experts at Auction.com easily from any group or division globally.  Especially helpful for new sales reps.


      Chatter is a product built for small businesses and it won't scale as <<COMPANY NAME>> grows and becomes public.  A quote from a Senior product manager at Salesforce characterizes Chatter as:

      "It's appropriate for small businesses as it allows them to build a community around the service they provide.”


      A few of the areas that Chatter falls down in sales organizations is:


      • How easily can SFDC be used and updated by corp comm?  Can they insert and promote content via blogs, slides, ppts, easily?
      • How easily can they create division/departmental or lob communications to the field?
      • Can you have document previews and encloding and streaming videos in SFDC
      • How easy is it to do enterprise Q&A considering the limitations of characters and formatting in SFDC
      • Can you convert emails to discussions?


      Today top sales organizations like EMC, NetApp, and Devoteam use Jive to achieve the results as mentioned above.  I recently heard a quote about the differences between Jive and Chatter and thought you would appreciate it.

      "With Chatter you can talk about what has happened.

      With Jive you can take action to make it happen. "


      Thanks for getting involved here!


      Best regards,