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    An unexpected error has occurred


      I am trying to customize my site using a theme provided by a different department at the same client.


      I go in to the 'customize your site' area, and upload the ZIP file. I see the preview. I hit 'publish design' then 'confirm changes'.


      then - nothing. all i get is a refreshed page at this URL clientlink/skin-advanced-confirmation!confirmApplyDesign.jspa


      that says "An unexpected error has occurred".


      no other info.


      I've tried uploading different versions of the ZIP file with and without some pieces. I get the same thing every time.


      Any ideas?

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          Hi Robert,

          This may be a question to pose to your company's private support group.  But seeing as this appears to be developed by the client themselves, perhaps you can provide some clarification:


          1. Is this theme being applied to the same community instance?  Did they develop for the same exact version of Jive if not?
          2. Do both of these environments have the same plugins as well as version numbers?

          This could be a great many things with the theme, sometimes very minute.  I would have a look at the log files for the site to try and get a better idea of what's going on.  You can find these in the admin console under System>Management>Logging Management


          I would suggest rolling the log files just before attempting again to try and get the clearest picture of what's happening.  These can be delayed at times, so don't expect the log to be immediate.

          From there we might have a bit f a better idea.

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              Hi Roguen -


              Thanks for replying! The site I am working on is I think on a separate instance. I do believe it's the same version - Jive 6 - whether it's exactly the same I do not know. I do know there are more parts - scripts and other files - that are not currently on the site I am working on. I think there are plugins - though I don't see any. At least the pieces that look like plugins it won't let me upload as plugins.


              I rolled the log files and I see a lot of "Cluster transmit thread pool is overloaded" errors when I tried uploading the files again - like these:


              ERROR cache.ClusteredCacheFactoryStrategy - Error executing task com.jivesoftware.community.impl.ProfileSearchClusterTask: com.jivesoftware.cluster.ClusterException: Cluster transmit thread pool is overloaded, rejecting message: ClusterTaskMessage{ sender=null, destination=null, task=com.jivesoftware.community.cache.ClusteredCacheFactoryStrategy$TaskWrapper@29133c5f}


              Which doesn't mean much to me, actually.


              It may be easier for me to just recreate the look than try and make their code work on my site.

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                  Immediately this would not seem to be an error related to your theme issue.  This is more of a back end thing.  Your issue would be more likely to call out a .ftl or .soy file and a line that it was having a problem with.


                  If it's simply enough, you may be right that recreating for yourself is the shortest route.