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    Add Overview Page With API?


      Is it possible to add an overview page to a group, and set it to the default page, when creating one via the API?  If so, is there also a way to add a simple widget (i.e. an HTML widget with some content)?


      My vision is for users to people to open a "Group Creation" app that they can use to create a new group, which will be automatically seeded with an overview page and a simple widget with some content.  Is this possible?


      Thank you very much!




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          Ryan Rutan

          What you are describing is very akin to our Purposeful Places / Tiles and Templates.  The experience in the latest versions of Jive has this built in.  If you haven't looked at this, I would check it out.  It's very compelling functionality! =)

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              I have been looking at it in parallel.  I've actually been meaning to ask a question about this too: I've been following the tutorial on GitHub, but when I paste the tile definitions into the Tile Installer form and click submit, I get an error message saying "Error - could not parse definitions".  I'm simply cutting and pasting the definitions generated by running "node app.js".  What could be causing this error?  (I could email you the definitions output, if you would like)