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    Custom Jive anywhere Cartridge not getting reflected. Need few pointers!

    shipra Beginner

      It's regarding Jive Anywhere custom cartridges. I am working on them but I am facing few issues so looking for some pointers.
      - I have created my custom cartridge in the same lines as linkedIn Module following this documentation :
      Jive Anywhere SDK Documentation But the cartridge made my me is not getting reflected in jive anywhere.

      • - I have followed the same steps in documentation and the module is successfully uploaded in jive admin console side.
      • - I have tested the module in Jive hosted instances(in versions 5.0.5 and 6.0.1) , even in jive cloud instance and in various browsers but the cartridge is not active in Jive anywhere.

      Wanted to know if the same documentation holds good for implementing the cartridge for jive anywhere 2.0.5 version.