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    can i export a current custom design?


      I swear that even a couple months ago in my Jive instance (Jive 6.x.x) I could download my current custom design and get a ZIP folder with a bunch of files in it. sort of a backup before making more changes - and end up with a folder like below:


      Screen Shot 2013-09-26 at 10.38.13 AM.png


      For the life of me, I can no longer find this option. I see where to download the resource kit theme... but not to backup my current one.


      Am I misremembering?

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          Hi Robert,


          *I think* the instructions you're looking for are here:


          Export a Theme


          Using the Customize Your Site theming interface, you can back up a copy, share, or transfer your saved themes to another Jive community using the Export a Theme feature.


          When you export a theme using the out-of-the-box theming tool available in Jive versions 6.0 and higher, the application creates a zip file containing all of the theme's information, including its customized colors, images, and so on. The themefile is encrypted for security reasons, so you cannot further customize its contents.

          • Click on your name in the upper right corner and select Customize Your Site. (Note that only community administrators and users with Home Page/Customize Site permissions can see the Customize Your Site option under their user menu in the upper right corner.)
          • From the theming page, select Themes > Import/Export.
          • Choose Export, and then select the theme you want to export.
          • Select Save the file to save the theme as a zip file.
          • The zipped file will download to your local file system.
          • Now, you can import the zipped theme file to another Jive community (versions 6.0 and higher) using the Import a Theme feature.


          Hope that's what you're looking for?



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              Hi Nick -


              thanks very much for replying! I had tried that - but - that gives me different files than I downloaded even 2 weeks ago.


              All i get is a graphic and a palette.xml file. No css, no templates, etc. I am looking for the set of files like you get in the Resource Kit but the ones I've already modified - not the stock Jive files. I know i've grabbed it in the past. I thought from the skin-advanced.jspa page...