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    Featured Content via Forms App?


      Jive Forms is used to create documents in our community. Is there code that will automatically mark the document as FEATURED CONTENT?


      If so, care to share it?


      Many thanks,

      Linda Dean

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          Anyone have any ideas on this as it would help?

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            I don't know if this alternative would work for your use case, but if you could switch out the "featured content" widget with a "follow this tag" widget, you can set tags with Forms App generated content--

            I have a form and I want to push all new versions of it to a group, so I set a tracker tag like "unicorn" or "new_special_form" and follow the tag on the group overview page. Anything tagged Unicorns and/or new_special_form (set the and/or in the widget) shows up in that widget.


            Add new tag way 1)

            create new form>Form template>content  tags

            add your tracker tag(s) there


            or, if you create forms the manual way, Add new tag way 2)

            at the end of the JSON it should read:

            "content": {

                    "type": "document",

                    "docId": "####",

                    "tags": [




                    "includeAttachment": false