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    Search issues for hosted instance?


      It looks like the same issues from Cloud Search Issue 2013-09-10 have returned.


      @mentions don't work, the search box only returns people results, etc.


      [10:26am] kpeters: can reproduce results in jive community, dock

      [10:26am] adam: ditto

      [10:26am] kpeters: dock ^ link to same issue from 2 wks ago

      [10:26am] adam: Action:  Searched for "Report a Mojo Issue and Request a Mojo Enhancement" and "Intranet Community of Practice"

      [10:26am] adam: Result:  No results

      [10:26am] adam: Action: Attempted to @mention the following pieces of content in a discussion:

      [10:26am] adam: @report_a_mojo_issue

      [10:26am] adam: @mojo_help

      [10:26am] adam: @mojo_feedback

      [10:26am] adam: Result:  No results


      see Search issues - not returning expected results