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    From Group to Space


      I´m creating a new Space for a matter that used to be a Group. I´m moving content from the Group to the Space.


      How can I define who will be the members of the group? Should I invite one to one?

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          Here are a few things that might be helpful when thinking about a space vs a group.


          • Unlike groups, spaces do not have members. Who can view and create content in a space is dictated by permissions set in the admin console.
          • The closest thing to a "member" that a space has is a "follower". You cannot invite members to a space in the way that you can with a group, but you can use the Jive "share" functionality to share the space with them. If they have access to the space and the content is relevant to them, they may choose to follow the space.


          In many instances administration of a space is more complex than that of a group. Usually a space is used vs a group for two main reasons:

          • When an administrator-defined set of permissions is required that is more complex than a group allows, or permissions are set via permission groups and LDAP/SSO configuration.
          • When a hierarchical container structure is required that cannot be facilitated via groups.


          Hope this helps.

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              Lukas Sparks is right.


              I've had to move some groups over into Spaces. The two biggest headaches are moving content and people permissions.


              If you use LDAP or ActiveDirectory to manage spaces then the membership would follow those permissions rules in the admin console. However, if you're using Jive to manage group membership then you can easily create a specific jive group (in the admin console -> People -> Group Summary page) and add the same people from the "group" and give them access to the "space".

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                  Hi, I see it's been a while since the original thread on this topic....


                  Is there a way to migrate members from a group to be followers of a new space? We started out with a group & have recently 'upgraded' to a space for increased functionality, but in the process have lost a lot of members/followers. I know that we can "Share" the space with them, but with all the emails that everyone gets I'm afraid it gets skipped. I was hoping there was a method of "opting in" people who used to be members of the old group & making them followers of the new space, since they signed up in the first place. Then of course they'd have the option to unfollow if/when they so wanted. Any ideas?


                  Thanks in advance!!

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                Hey Andre,

                As this is a great question and response to share in general, do you think you would be able to move it to the Jive Training and Support Resources space?