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    Producteev Login Issues

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      Somebody created a network and sent me an invitation. I clicked on the link to accept and proceeded to create an account. I got a verification email and clicked on that link. However, I could not access anything. Even when I go to the Producteev website and click on "login," it prompts me to create a network. I don't want to create a new network, I just want to join the one I was invited to. It's as if I went to join the network but had to make an account first. But when I was making an account, it totally disregarded my need to join the network. And now it thinks I have no network so I have to create one. The original links don't get me anywhere either. Somebody in the group sent me a link to the work queue and I cannot access it.


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          Hi Greg,


          Producteev requires you to create a personal network before joining any invited networks. Once you create that personal network, it will show you that you have invitations to accept for your invited networks (these are usually seen in the upper-right corner next to your name.)


          Can you give that a try and let me know if it works for you?



          Nick Church

          Account Support