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    Internally selling external communities

      Hi Fellow Community Managers,

      I'm pulling together a deck to help internally sell the value of external online communities.  Can you think of any nuggets or resources off the top of your head - i.e., is there an end-all, be-all statistic you rattle off anytime someone questions the value of a community? For example, "X% of brands have seen X% spike in customer retention due to communities"..or "Communities are cited as the top three factors that influence purchasing decisions..."

      Any insight you have would be great, many thanks in advance!

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          Hi Anna,


          Here are two strong cases to make about external communities for brands who sell products (like SAP)


          • Cost Reduction: external communities can handle most of the low to mid level support calls coming into your organization.  By working with your support team, you can quantify the cost a single call has on the organization and then measure the rise/drop in support calls as it relates to increasing forum posts and traffic.  Several years ago SAP did a similar study and found that it was saving 10's of millions of euros YoY.


          • Customer Satisfaction: If you already have a baseline customer sat score, you can then recheck customer sat 6 months and 1 year after deployment of the external community.  You will definitely see a rise in customer sat.  This in turn should equate to higher customer retention.  Perhaps this is not perfect, but at least you will have a foundation on which to build a case.



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