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    Revoking Jive Connects OAuth Credentials

    msoltow Beginner

      I am currently debugging an application that uses the OAuth features of Jive Connects to link to an external service.  For the purposes of debugging, I would like to clear my OAuth credentials in the credentials vault so that my application will go through the authorization process again.  I found a previous discussion on the topic (https://developers.jivesoftware.com/community/thread/1801), which recommends passing a mock "response" object to osapi.jive.connects.reconfigure() to trigger the authorization process. 


      However, I have found that simply creating a response object with an "error.code" value of 401 and passing it into reconfigure() creates a popup window stating that there are no services that need to be reconfigured, which prevents me from re-authorizing.  Some digging around the code led to the discover that I need to supply reconfigure() with a response object containing an "error.oauth2_redirect_uri" value to trigger the authorization process.  This URI needs to point to the full OAuth authorization URL, including ALL parameters (such as "state", which I have no idea how to properly construct, "client_id", and "response_type", all parameters that are typically fetched automatically via Jive Connects).


      Is there an easier way to revoke OAuth credentials from the credentials vault?


      Thank you very much!