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    Is there any documentation for the v7 Jive Analytics database?


      I am trying to find out what changes have been made between the v6 and v7 versions of the Jive analytics database. josh.richau can you lend any insight as to the changes?


      My main question is whether the core tables changed or if the changes are simply the addition of new tables. Thanks for any insight.

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          Hi Bill - we are actively working on docs for the new analytics service and should have something for the developer community "soon". The short answer though is that we are switching out the analytics collection to a new service and from that service we are offering a data export API. Within this data export we are flattening the activity events such that all activity is contained in 1 big "table". So for example, user profile fields for the user are all included in every row to facilitate easy pivot table style analysis.


          We will keep around the analytics DB for some period of time in order to ensure the new system isn't missing anything and then at some patch release of 7 we will likely archive and remove it (for any customer connected to the cloud service that is - on prem folks will continue to have the analytics DB as their main option)


          As for changes to the analytics DB itself, they are minimal is not non-existent. The only changes are in what other events get captured (client info e.g. mobile in the meta column and additions like structured outcome events)


          If you will be at Jiveworld I encourage you to come to my talk in the products track to hear more.