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    Jive SBS 4.5 : Error while posting copied content in BlogPost

      Hi Support,


      We have Jive SBS deployed on our production for Blog System. We are encountering issue while posting new blog/edit with specific content copied from the link http://www.singstar.com/news/Server-Update.html. After publishing the blogpost, it takes a little while and then throws bad server request error 500.


      But when we remove below sentence from the content copied from above URL , then blogpost gets published successfully.


      "Unfortunately, SingStar 'Clubs' will no longer be available after this time. If you have any media connected exclusively to 'Clubs' and don't want to lose it, make sure to set the selected media to 'public' before the end of November. Note that anything still set to 'private' after the work is competed WILL be lost and not recoverable.

      Have any questions about the above? Come find us on the official SingStar Forum page, Facebook and Twitter and we'll try and answer everything as best as we can."


      I figured out the boundary line is around 'pag' or 'page' in the below line.

      --- Come find us on the official <a href="http://community.singstar.com/t5/SingStar/bd-p/717">SingStar Forum</a> pag</body>


      But it was not the exactly same place when I tried a few times. It was sometimes 'pag' but others 'page'.

      Also, the error sometimes occurred and sometimes not when I copied until 'pag'.


      This scenario is working fine on our local BlogPost Systems having same code and Jive version. We are not getting any errors in LOG system.

      Can you please let us know if there is any know issue regarding this or how can we debug this issue further?


      Thanks for your support.


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          Hi Kanwar,

          I think this is an issue best handled by your official Jive support channel: check out http://community.jivesoftware.com/support.jspa


          Jive 4.5 is a bit older, so I'm not sure that many of us would be able to try and replicate the issue on our own communities, but it also sounds like you're dealing with a little bit of a large ecosystem than just a single community instance. 


          For example: I am not familiar with a platform called "BlogPost" and I'm not sure how you integrate with it.  Your logs may be clean on the source (community) side, but have something on the destination end.


          I have not heard of this particular issue before.  Have you tried various length posts, words, with an without urls and html markup?