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    What "user help" success stories do you have?


      I spend a lot of time thinking about documentation and help resources, and thought I'd ask what others are finding success with.


      I'd have to say the thing I think has had the longest-lasting effect is my "tip of the day" campaign. I started it back in July of 2012, and have managed to keep it going pretty consistently. Not actually posting EVERY day, but at least 2-3 times per week.

      1. I post a Jive tip to my status update, usually in the form of a question and answer
      2. In that status update, I often @mention a help document that provides further information on the topic
      3. I always @mention the Help space - this allows the update to display in the Recent Activity widget as well as gets it delivered to anyone following the space
      4. I then copy/paste the status update and put it into a document that is a collection of these tips. Most days, I mark the minor edit checkbox, and then once a week I publish without that set so that anyone following the document knows the updates are ready for them to review.


      The combination of elements in this allows people to follow me for the status updates, to follow the space for any documentation updates, or to follow the document for new tips. The fact that they are collated means that people who are new to the system, or who have just discovered my method, can review them at their leisure. It also gives me a forum for little tips that don't really fit anywhere else (like using CTRL Shift Delete to clear your browser cache), as well as to point out reasons why someone would want to know more about a specific feature (give them the WIIFM). And when we do upgrades to the system, I can call out new little things that might not have occurred to people.


      I wouldn't say I reach everyone, but I've built a pretty good following using this method and over a year later, I'm still getting comments on the documents (split into yearly collections). And there are always new things that occur to me to post, especially based on the interesting questions and perspectives I hear from employees.

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          I love that idea Tracy Maurer .  Way to go.  Thanks for sharing

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            I typically share "Working Out Loud" blog posts...simply by answering emails that people send me asking for help in our Jive environment by writing a new blog post, answering the question, then replying to the email with a link to the new blog post.


            So similar to your "tip of the week" concept...except I am using typical workflow to feed the sharing.



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              These are fantastic tips, Tracy. They'd be great to capture in an onboarding guide in our own Community Manager docs. One of the things we've learned in documenting Jive from the inside is how critical community managers are in pointing people to the docs they need.


              How much content is in your Help space, if I may ask?

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                  Thanks, Marya!


                  239 documents, 14 blog posts, 306 discussions, 14 videos and 57 ideas.


                  Keep in mind, many of those discussions are people asking questions and lots of them are redundant with one another and/or with the documents. And as for the blog posts, Ted and I also have our own separate blogs where we post. Finally, there are a few other groups and spaces for content. For some of the more specific things like gamification, Jive for Office, Jive for Outlook, etc. we have separated the content out both to help launch the modules as well as to somewhat segregate the content. Most things eventually get folded into the main Help space, though.


                  And I've got to say, maintaining those documents at upgrade time is rough. I actually created a whole new space when we did our Jive 5 upgrade because the change was so dramatic, and then have been slowly moving documents over as I update them (over the last 18 months).

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                      This is really interesting info to have. Since I got to Jive I've always gotten the question "why don't you publish the docs in Jive?" and one of the big answers is always "scale"--we publish well over a thousand topics per version (that includes admin content, of course). How do you present that in a way that's navigable and meaningful without a heavyweight table of contents? And one of the other subjects we talk about when we talk about potentially providing preinstalled documentation content in a Jive place is upgrades--how do you ensure the content matches what is in the community and the useful information from past versions is maintained. So it sounds like those are real issues you are struggling with too.


                      Also, I know videos are powerful but it also sounds like the request I sometimes get to MAKE ALL YOUR CONTENT INTO VIDEOS does not match your reality either.


                      How much are you sourcing content from our end user docs for your Help? Is that something we could help with more than we do?

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                          For Jive 5, there was a TON of upgrade-ready docs and videos, and I used those heavily. Jive 6 didn't have that, and it did make it harder. I don't source much from the actual documentation site, but from the Community. I've found that most of what is on the documentation site is more targeted at those supporting Jive than those consuming it. And there is a place for that for sure, but it would be GREAT if there was more end-user documentation.


                          One thing I've noticed is that copying and pasting from a Jive document into a Jive document doesn't work well (actually worse than copy/paste from Word), so having access to "edit" the docs so that I could copy from HTML mode would be extra helpful.


                          As for video, it is time consuming to do. And I find that though people ask for videos, they don't generally get a lot of views. I've found it hard to justify spending half a day of my time for 10 views in 4 months. Not sure if that is because we're an internal community (people in cubicles have a hard time watching video without disrupting neighbors). Or if my videos are just dull. Or if there aren't many so they don't look for them. Hard to say.

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                            Marya, if you'd be interested, I'd be willing to show you around our documentation. I don't really have a TOC, but use Jive features to present things in ways people can (hopefully) find what they need. And then give them links when they can't.

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                                I would love to see what you are doing. Maybe we could get something together after Jiveworld?


                                Also, curious about what you mean when you say the stuff on the site is "more targeted at those supporting Jive than those consuming it." Everything in the Community User docs at http://docs.jivesoftware.com/jive/6.0/community_user/index.jsp should hypothetically apply to end users, especially Using a Jive Community. Is it too much information/not the right level/not specific enough to your use cases? With Cloud platform becoming more important it would be great to know what would work better for supporting end users out of the box.


                                Apologies for hijacking your success discussion a bit. . .

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                                    I agree with Tracy on the videos. People do not watch the ones we post, even though we keep trying to make them shorter. Part of the issue, I think, is that you cannot follow along when you are watching a video. It's easier to follow a document with screenshots when you want to learn how something works. And in cases where a video is helpful, I usually include it in a document that has written instructions, and always include a few bullets summarizing the video content.

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                                        Our main training is both video and doc (non-native English speakers told us they like docs better).  The videos though are not just plain video.  They are an articulate (i think adove makes it) video where screenshots have highlights and zooms (built in ppt) and then the animations get synced to the audio.  So the it's a visual combined with the speaking.  I did my first versions when we upgraded to 5.0 because I had another non-community side project & needed something more than just the docs.  People are allowed to rate them and the lowest rating one got 4.5/5.0 stars.  Each gets about 100 views a month.  I'm guess articulate is expensive, but if someone in your training org has it, this option has been a big success for me. There are 3 videos:

                                        Why Engage which covers:

                                        • Engage objectives & how they align to corporate objectives
                                        • What's In It For Me to use Engage
                                        • How Engage differs from our other collaboration tools

                                        Using Engage covers:

                                        • Logging & Completing Your Profile
                                          • how to login
                                          • how to fill out profile
                                          • how to set photo & avater
                                        • the navigation
                                        • Finding stuff
                                          • finding information/ content
                                          • finding groups & joining them
                                          • types of groups
                                          • finding people & following them
                                        • creating labels to label connections
                                        • Choosing a Landing Page
                                          • Inbox page
                                          • Connections page
                                          • Activity page
                                          • Choosing a homepage
                                        • Searching & Filtering
                                          • Search options
                                          • Filtering by tag or category in a place
                                        • Creating content
                                          • One page for each content type
                                        • Managing Information Flows
                                          • Default streams (activity, connections, inbox, actions)
                                          • Creating/editing custom streams
                                          • Email watches and email perferences

                                        Owning Engage Groups Covers:

                                        • Intro to groups
                                          • What is a group?
                                          • Why & when to create a group?
                                          • Types of groups and their goals
                                          • Role of group owners
                                        • Creating a group
                                          • Create a group (ie: the form, that URL can't change, etc.)
                                          • Group features (projects, blogs, etc.)
                                          • Create a project
                                          • Announcements
                                        • Manage a group
                                          • Managing group members
                                          • Invite group members
                                          • Categories
                                        • Customizing your group
                                          • How to change the overview page layout
                                          • Deep dive into each widget
                                          • Using & configuring widgets
                                        • Launching your group
                                          • Find supporters first, seed content & interaction, etc.
                                          • Measurement
                                          • Resources to support you

                                        Then for docs we have a guidebook which is the same content of all three videos in on 80 page guide.  We also have smaller docs like top 10 things to know with drill ins to each one, finding experts, etc.  It's a huge amount of work to keep these up to date when we do a major upgrade.  I begin about 6 months in advance, but they are sooo helpful to tell someone when you are swamped to go look at these & then once you have some basic knowledge we can use my time for more strategic conversations.


                                        I make a secret group to house all the drafts before upgrade.  Then the day before upgrade I move or edit the real one and save a draft.  After cutover we publish everything while the site is still in maintenance mode.  This upgrade (we just did 6.0.3 last Thursday) we also made a new secret group to archive old threads of Q&A that aren't relevant anymore.  Advocates have access to see old help issues since we didn't want to lose the info, but old stuff doesn't clutter up the real help space or search results for everyone else.

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                                          Has anyone used documents with a few animated GIFs instead of dedicated videos? If that resulted in better consumption I would be interested to hear about it.

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                                          Yes, after JiveWorld. And it is entirely possible that I've missed the more end-user focused content. Maybe you can show me around as well.  Hope to run into you this week!

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                                    I'll throw out our content volume stats in our Help area too...after 3 years of activity and some clean up following upgrades:


                                    • 77 Wiki Pages (Jive Documents - static help resources about the various features)
                                    • 58 Blog Posts (mostly tips, announcements, etc.)
                                    • 273 Discussions / Questions (the organic "How Do I?" type interactions)
                                    • 4 Videos (I need to work on this ...complement some of those wiki pages with more video help)



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                                        Dennis Pearce

                                        Ours are very similar to Bryce and Tracy's.  We have a help space (largely thanks to Laura Becraft's work) that contains:

                                        - 373 documents

                                        - 114 discussions

                                        - 10 blog posts

                                        - 1 idea

                                        - 3 videos


                                        We want the help space to stay organized and be an easy reference tool, so we've tried to separate the help information from problem reporting and ideas for new features.  We have a separate space for reporting issues and suggesting features, and that space has only 11 documents but 313 discussions and 31 ideas.

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                                      My fave user help story concerns Macs.  At my company, Macs weren't supported by our IT department until about 18 months ago.  So, being a technical company filled with technical geeks, folks just brought in their own Macs and configured them.


                                      But, sometimes they needed help.  IT didn't support Macs so they turned to our internal collaboration space and requested a Mac Users community. I was a fairly new Community Manager at that time, new enough that it never occurred to me that I shouldn't create a space to support a practice that wasn't "IT approved."  Hence the space was created.


                                      Mac users started posting help documents, unofficial guides re: connecting to the network etc.  When the company finally decided to officially sanction the use of Macs, they turned to this community to offer support.


                                      With over 1600 pieces of content, this space:

                                      • Supplemented required IT resources; in fact, the community is largely self-supporting
                                      • Peer to peer help is the norm
                                      • Spawned Android Users, Tableau Users and other user groups across our community structure


                                      We are finding that we can turn more and more support processes over to the community as we have uber-users in virtually every area of specialty.

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                                          We had a very very similar experience with this exact scenario/use case.

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                                            Given Michelle's example, it made me think I limited by answer to support of our Jive environment only. I didn't share examples of how our Jive platform has been widely used to support many other capabilities and processes on a wide scale. Among our most popular support communities:

                                            • Outlook / Lync Support community (very popular during and after our enterprise-wide migration from Notes to Outlook) - Over 1,000 questions answered in two years averaging nearly 100 views per question. Compare to standard help desk model in terms of shared knowledge / reuse value.
                                            • Win7 / Office Suite Support (very popular during our current enterprise-wide migration from XP to Win7 - don't laugh!)
                                            • SAP for Supply Chain Tool and Process support
                                            • Mobility / BYOD program implementation and support - 2nd most viewed group in the last 90 days
                                            • Sales field iPad deployments - 1st most viewed group in the last 90 days
                                            • SharePoint / InfoPath Gurus
                                            • New External Worker Collaboration account request & management system (for business partnerships and system access requests)
                                            • Upgraded Expense Reporting System
                                            • and more...most created organically, not by the project teams. Although the Outlook, Win7, BYOD and iPad examples were created intentionally for those programs.


                                            Our overall IT OCM lead told me he couldn't imagine doing another large scale IT deployment / change initiative without accompanying it with a peer support Jive group.


                                            Actually, we've had so much success with it, we've had to fight the perception a bit recently that our environment's only purpose is for providing help/support for IT systems. Because as of late, those scenarios have dominated the "Open" conversation and trending content that many see when perusing.

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                                            Hello Tracy Maurer


                                            Looking like a brilliant idea and thinking doing what you are suggesting. We are young (Jive age) at Huntsman only 4 months into our full deployment after a successful pilot. 


                                            Would it be possible you share your "tip of the day" document with us, (know your links will not work), but I hope all your tips could be re-use and a real time saver for our community?



                                            Leo Lajs

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                                              Libby Taylor

                                              This is great. And I might just start doing this for the Jive Community.