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    Seeking dumb social business jokes


      I'm in search of humorous anecdotes to include in a few public speaking gigs, including the JiveWorld bootcamp.


      We've all heard the stories of inappropriate use of email (reply to all is the gift that keeps giving) and public social media, so what's the equivalent on an enterprise social network? What's your best story about people misunderstanding the medium or the right way to use it?


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          In our early days, when people were reading the "how to bookmark" instructions...they would always bookmark the Your Bookmarks page. I don't see it anymore, but our activity stream was filled with "Person A just bookmarked Your Bookmarks!"


          That's a tool specific thing...some others that quickly come to mind:


          - I can't tell you how many people have replied ESN email notifications thinking they are replying privately to the person, not looking at the "To" address and realizing that their email reply will go back to the open thread for others to see. Then that comment would quickly disappear later in the day. Another "early days" thing that I don't see as much of anymore.


          - We had a sales rep video blogging regularly about training for an Iron Man and sharing his experiences and relating it back to his line of work. In his first video, he recorded himself talking with the video camera on the dashboard while driving his company car. And had to move the camera a few times while driving as it slid around the dashboard. Oops. A few policy violations there. That video disappeared about a week later, replaced with a great response. Something along the lines of: "Let me give you all some advice. Let's just say that if you are ever motivated to share a video with your peers, it's probably not a good idea, as the area safety champion, to record yourself talking to a camera while driving your company car. And if you do record yourself while driving your company car, it's probably and even worse idea to share that video on the company social network. Drive safe friends!"


          Those are the top of mind examples. I am sure I have many more.

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            Jive's @ mention feature makes it easy to pull someone into a conversation. Unfortunately simply adding @Someone to your discussion title about favorite restrooms in the building doesn't work...