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    New Jive App user questions


      We're running Jive - On-premise


      We're new to Jive Apps and thinking about enabling Jive Apps so one of our engineers can build an App for internal use only.   We currently have Jive Apps disabled in our production instance.  In our DEV instance, I just installed the "Dev Console" App and was able to deploy a test app into our "DEV" instance using the "Download an app template".


      I have a few questions:


      1. I notice that you don't need any special permissions to develop and deploy an app.  How can I limit this ability to specific users?  It looks like the only way is to limit who can login to the DEV instance.
      2. Under the "Dev Console" when viewing the details of an App there is a "Communities" tab that says "Choose the communities where your Jive App is published".  I'm logged in with a user that has no special permissions and I see this option.  How can I keep users from publishing apps into production.
        1. Where does this list of communities come from?  It seems to list a couple of our instances/communities, but not all.  It's missing our "TEST" instance.  How can I add our "TEST" instance to the list?


      Thanks for any info!!