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    Where to host the App Repository for the Jive "Dev Console"


      We're running Jive - On-premise


      We're interested in building internal use only apps. The "Dev Console" documentation (https://community.jivesoftware.com/docs/DOC-65429) states to copy the app template to the app server, but it does not state where to copy it.  I'm assuming it will have to be in a directory that the web server services, like "$JIVE_HOME/applications/sbs/home/www/resources"?  Is that the appropriate location for the app repository?  Then the "gadget.xml" URL would be something like https://jive.bluecoat.com/resources/hello.xml"?  Is that right or is there a better place?


      Also, we are running a cluster with multiple app servers.  Once I determine the location, I guess I'll need to copy the repository to each app server in the same location?


      Just want to find out what others have done.  Appreciate any advice!!