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    Changing the default for the People page


      The People page default is by "Relevance,"  but Jive confirmed in Jive 6, there's an open bug and no alogorithm is actuallly applied to the sort right now. Until this is fixed, we're looking to swap the default sort to one of the following:

      • dateJoined (different every time you hit the page; shows community growth)
      • statusLevel (helps users spot power users)
      • name (first) (not helpful for us)
      • lastName (somewhat helpful, but not as a default)
      • relevance (bug)
      • username (not helpful for us)
      • creationDate (not sure what this is; date user given access?)


      We're leaning toward the first two (bolded). Since we're still in pilot (one tenth of total users on platform), would start with date joined, reverse chron.  Then, would move to status level once we're a more mature community.


      Anyone think it's more important to highlight power users via a status level default during pilot instead as a way for newbies to spot potential advocates/support?