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    how to get response data from user.getPreferences

      I am new to Bunchball.  I am trying to retrieve firstName and lastName values that are set in a user's preferences.  However, due to the lack of documentation (I have read through all the api and NML docs), I could not find how to use the nitro:request & nitro:response to get the 2 preference values.  Here's how I did it but none work:


      Try 1:

      <nitro:request method="user.getPreferences">

          <nitro:response data="userPreferences.UserPreference.name" value="firstName" >?</nitro:response>        

          <nitro:response data="userPreferences.UserPreference.name" value="lastName" >?</nitro:response>        



      Try 2:

      <nitro:request method="user.getPreferences" addUserId="true">

          <nitro:response data="userPreferences.UserPreference.name" value="firstName" addUserId="true" >?</nitro:response>        

          <nitro:response data="userPreferences.UserPreference.name" value="lastName" addUserId="true">?</nitro:response>        



      try 3:

      <nitro:request method="user.getPreferences">

          <nitro:response data="userPreferences.UserPreference.value" value="firstName">?</nitro:response>        

          <nitro:response data="userPreferences.UserPreference.value" value="lastName">?</nitro:response>        




      Any ideas?