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    Deleting users in CXS 1.10



      I noticed that the delete user button has been removed from the admin console in CSX 1.10.


      If we want to remove (physically delete) a user from the system, how would we go about it in CSX 1.10?





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          In 1.10, the decision was made that user deletion should be hidden, and that users should simply be disabled instead. User deletion has always been problematic, so I'm pretty sure that's why hiding it was an attractive option. It wasn't a great decision, since that really doesn't work for external deployments (like this one), and we're aware that some corrective action needs taking. It's unclear when and in what fashion user deletion will return, but we're working on it.

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            This is a big problem for us also, please bring this function back.









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              It's going to be a big problem for us @ VMware too, please provide some functionality to replace this.  You don't need to delete the user object, just replace it with something random, hide it from any display (like search results), and free up that user id












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                Just to echo this -- in an LDAP login setup, we need a way to clear out users that were imported in error. A delete button (or even some SQL magic) would be great.

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                  Wow - this is disappointing.



                  Is there a safe way to delete a user directly from my database?  I'm currently configuring an instance of ClearspaceX and created a few test users.  I REALLY don't want them hanging around when we launch the application.



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                    Not being able to delete an account is a big problem for us as well.  I'm in day 2 of setting up a Clearspace site and the inability to delete an account is already a major issue.  I also don't see a way to edit usernames or manually set passwords, which I've always been able to do with web content management systems.


                    It appears that more than one person can have the same username. Is that something that can be disabled in the admin console?

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                        Vinh Jones

                        What version of CSX are you using? 1.10.0 or a different point version?


                        You can change the username and password by navigating to the Admin Console -> People -> User Summary and selecting a user. You can edit their username and set the password on that page.


                        As far as identical usernames go...whenever I've tried to create a user with the same username as someone else, it would throw an error (I just tested this on 1.10.0 and 1.10.7).