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    Thank you to Jiveworld team!


      Morning, I wanted to take the opportunity on my flight home to thank the team who made #jiveworld happen. I have attended many conferences and this has been my (#1st Jiveworld) my favorite! I know alot of hard work went into planning such an event. #thankyou Till next time :)

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          Agreed!  What a great time.  Meeting with representatives from all industries helped to solidify the benefits and best practices for social globally.  I particularly liked the last lunch where we were able to compare notes with those within our industries.  Should there be an opportunity to do this the night before - perhaps a sponsored dinner, I think that would be a great opportunity to strengthen ties and have time for follow up conversations.


          ~ Thinking of best practices, what could be changed to increase the total JIVE World experience?

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            This was my first JiveWorld too. I have to say that every minute spent was totally worth it. The breakout sessions, the un-conference, the meals where I got a chance to meet up with other community managers, the party, the keynotes, the whole thing was great!

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              Agreed!  My first #jiveworld and it was a great experience!


              I enjoyed meeting and connecting with people from all around the world and comparing notes and best practices.  The community in person was so much fun and informational!


              Thanks to everyone involved, Jive, sponsors, and the community!