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    A question...


      Hi Group,


      So I have a question.


      I'm an Aussie that recently attended JW2013 through some generous sponsorship from a community I contribute to as a 'power user'.


      As a power user I'm wondering if this group is for me?  I don't do community management,  just provide content.  I do have a background in information systems (although I am working in information technology atm) and have seen and experienced many of the challenges Jive faces (Lack of executive buyin, OCM, etc) through other enterprise system deployments (CRM, ERP).  I also happen to be a casual programmer.


      I'm not sure what I can actually contribute to this user group (other than maybe code), since my involvement with Jive is somewhat limited operationally compared to the usual audience of community managers.



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          Welcome aboard, Cris! Lucky you, sponsored to attend JW!

          We're here to learn from each other so the more diverse the community, the better.

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              Hi Jacqui,




              I'm really trying to learn and the platform is the easy part.  There is a coupe things on my mind.


              From what I saw at JW,  it is an amazing product that clearly hasn't had an impact here in oz and I'm interested to know why?  Is it just purely a lack of adoption or a problem with organizational and process maturity?


              Do the community managers here have the same problems as the ones in the US?  The technical problems seemed relatively simple to me and as a typical power user, I'm thinking I can help solve them.