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    Complete newbie: how to do a REST call


      It looks like I can accomplish something I need to do via a series of REST calls, but I have not done this kind of programming before and I am not making progress.


      I am using CURL functions in PHP. This example does not work for me in my environment (version ). It does not throw any errors but it does not create anything:

      Using PHP CURL to invoke jive REST services


      I know the CURL functions are working in my PHP install: I can retrieve the contents of www.google.com.


      The problem might be our SSO, which does authentication in another system. JIVE doesnt know the user name and passwords for normal users because you normally authenticate to another system and jive just gets an authorization token. I can create a user inside JIVE where the "Federated" attribute in Jive admin is set to "No" -- I was thinking that might be a user Jive knew how to authenticate.


      The problem might be that I am using our public jiveURL name, if there is an internal Jive name I have to use with the call I need to figure out how to find it


      If I can get the simplest REST call to work somehow, I can work this piece by piece until I get what I need to work, but I dont even know how to troubleshoot this. I do a lot of database, programming, and generate database driven pages in PHP, but I am really an admin by trade and this is pretty far out of my core expertise.


      I have the REST documentation and I have searched the site -- if someone could point me in the right direction of some good examples (and/or let me know if the issues above are the problem) I would be most appreciative.

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          Jive currently supports only simple authentication for the REST services layer, so a good place to start would definitely be to create an un-federated service level user account for use with the REST services. You may also want to make this user a Full Access admin, or just verify that the user you are creating for use with the REST services has the appropriate permissions to accomplish the tasks you are looking to do within the Jive system.


          I would also start with a GET request for something simple like a user just to make sure your CuRL connection is working and authentication is good to go. Also verify that the REST calls you are making are supported by the version of the API you are working with.

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