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    How to go about Creating New Layout in Jive 6 ?


      Hello Jive Developers,


      I am currently working on trying to create a new Layout (which would be additional option  to the existing OOB layouts available)   to be used across the Community.

      As part of this, I was looking for what ever documentation was available.


      So far I know that, this is possible, based on this discussion  which  basically suggests that , we need to have a  Java Class at back to direct to the FTL file that would display the Layout Container.


      The Layout Width and look and feel is configured mainly in FTL and the corresponding CSS ( Can this CSS be defined in  our customized theme ftl like custom-css.ftl ?) .


      Does merely adding a  row Entry in the jivewlayout be enough to get the New Layout  coming  in the Overview page? And  for making the new Layout viewable we should edit the jive-layouts.png to have another  image of our new Layout ?? That appears a bit weird?


      Finally, what exactly are the changes to be done for  customize-container.ftl , why are they needed ?


      I would like to know if anyone has tried this out and whats been your experience , can you add anymore detail to the already existing thread?