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    Create task on Android puts it in the wrong project

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      When you are in the panel for a project on Android, and you create a new task using the green pencil button in the bottom right corner, after ticking the pop up create task text panel the task is entered into the first project in your project list which is usually not the one you are in. The task should be created in the the project you are in. In addition, there doesn't seem to be a way to move the task to another project in the Android app.


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          I noticed today after a week of having problems with this that there is a dropdown at the bottom of the pop up panel allowing you to choose the project. However it is still grey, which is usually used to mean inactive in GUIs and is visually very unnoticable given that the controls are in blue and at the top rather than the bottom of the panel.


          Can I suggest that

          • These controls be co-located with the tick and trash icons
          • Be the blue colour as well
          • The default project is the project you touched the create task button from, as this is the behaviour you would reasonably expect and the most efficient also.
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              HI Michael,


              There are a couple ways to achieve what you're looking for here.


              So, here's what you should see on the Android "Create a Task" Option --


              At the bottom are selectors for Project and Network (those can be changed manually as you observed above.)


              However, you can change the default task, by going to the web app (http://producteev.com/login) and changing your default project. See below -



              This will change the default create option for tasks created on your mobile device and via "create by email."


              You are correct, however, that the ability to move tasks is not present on the mobile application - it is coming in a future release/upgrade.


              Kind Regards,

              Nick Church

              Account Support