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    one Question and one Problem... Help!

      Hi there, i have a question and a problem, the problem is that in SETTINGS section, it says "Change your basic account, language, and location settings." but we can not find how to change the language, and the question, is there a way to extract a rerport of the teams and their efficiency for completing tasks in time? Regards

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          Hi Juan,


          Apologies for the confusion. Producteev is currently being translated into many languages, and where you've seen the "Change your account" information is where those settings will reside. We expect to release some of those languages shortly, but they're not currently available.


          As for reporting, we're looking into some options to enable basic reporting, however, none is currently available. If you have suggestions, you can certainly request a feature enhancement by creating an idea here.


          Kind Regards,

          Nick Church

          Account Support