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    Jive7 AddOns: Action Contribution paths - Add a tab to the community?




      Now that we have all those new and exciting extension points for action contributions.... developers (including me) will always ask for more


      No, really: My question is - we can add a tab to a Group (even Profiles - yay!). Is it possible to add a tab to the "top level group" aka the community itself? For Add-ons that extend Jive features that would be the place rather than a Purposeful Place. PPs would typically target specific needs (their "purpose", e.g. a deal room,...). Add-ons that follow a more general approach (could be used everywhere, not just specific PPs) - can they be added to the "top level", and if so, how?


      I'm referring to this (and thanks for that excellent presentation and uploading the video, Mark Weitzel and Aron Racho ! )