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    Community name with picture?


      We are having ClearSpaceX installation where we have several communities with sub communities. Some of those communities are limited to certain goup of users and some of them are visible to all users.



      It seems sometimes very difficult for internal users to identify which communities are public and which not. They have requested to have somekind of marking in the community name. For example small icon would be nice. Of course this problem can be solved by naming community differently, but then it would be visible to everyone.



      Any possibility to get this kind of feature to ClearSpace in the future? Or any idea how this problem could be handled differently?






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          Hi Tommi,


          Thanks for bringing this up. Addressing this type of functionality is definitely on our radar. I don't know when we'll do it or exactly what form it will take, but making it easier for people to understand who has access to what is important.