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      I'm switching over from Do.com.  Producteev is very similar.  However, there is one feature I believe is critical, and easy to add.  I need the ability to create sections for each project to help organize my tasks.  For example: Marketing (Section) Create logo (task).  I know we can create tags, but that is not the same.  I think we need the ability to move our tasks to various sections, just like on Do.com.

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          HI Frank,


          I think there are a couple ways you could set this up.


          There's networks - So, you could create a network for your group, or a network for specific sub-sections of your team: Marketing, Finance, etc.

          There's Projects - You could set up a Marketing Project, A Finance Project, and a General Project (Granting only those who need access to that project)

          Or you could use tags - as a way to categorize tasks that live in a single project, but, include a couple different groups - ie, rolling out a new website would have tasks for Finance, Marketing, and Others.




          Happy it discuss it through, with you.



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