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    Editing Documents:  Setting to let admin's edit without changing the author?


      We're rolling our a place where people can upload files as attachments to documents.  This will be a pubically available resource for our external community and we are excited and think it will be extremely popular (effectively a library of data visualization templates).


      The issue we're seeing is sometimes folks will create a new document, write a great description, put a fantastic screenshot in the document, attach the file and publish...without adding a single tag.  Major bummer since that decreases discoverability big time.


      As an admin in the community I can go edit that doc and add appropriate tags, however that then creates a new version of the doc and makes it look like I authored it.


      As an admin, is there a way for me to edit a document (tags as well as body content and attachments) without it making it look like I'm the actual author (i.e. without it creating a new version)?