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    how to set jiveHome path

      Hi ,


      i saw the jive home set up from the documentation but was unable to work with any of following





      Setting the jiveHome Directory


      The jiveHome directory contains configuration files, logs, data (for the

      evaluation database) and other items that Clearspace needs to run correctly. You

      need to set up your jiveHome directory in a permanent location. The directory

      must be readable and writable by your application server, but should not be in

      the document path of your webserver (such that someone could access the

      directory from a URL such as http://www.yourserver.com/jiveHome).

      Windows users might pick a directory such as c:\jiveHome while Unix users might

      install jiveHome to /opt/jiveHome.


      Now that your jiveHome directory is set up, Clearspace will need to know its

      location. There are several ways to do this. Choosing one of the following

      options depends largely on how you want to register your value in your




      • Option 1: Use the setup tool (recommended).</strong> Use the Clearspace setup 

                 tool to set the value. After you deploy the web application (detailed below) and 

                 start the setup tool you'll be prompted for the jiveHome location


      • Option 2: Use the EditWAR tool.</strong> The EditWAR tool is a small  application which will modify the packaged web application (clearspace.war) to point to the jiveHome directory. The clearspace.war file is also in the base  directory of this distribution.  To invoke the EditWAR tool, open a  command prompt in the base directory of this distribution and execute this command: java -jar EditWAR.jar clearspace.war.  The tool will then lead you through the process of updating the WAR.


      • Option 3: Set a JNDI value (advanced).</strong> Set the location of the jiveHome directory via JNDI. You can set a JNDI value in your app server of java:comp/env/jiveHome with a String value of the path to your jiveHome directory.

           *Option 4: Set with a system property (advanced).</strong> Set the location of the jiveHome directory manually by passing in a Java system property to your app  server. Set a property with the name of "jiveHome". Most app servers allow you to pass in an environment variable in the startup script. That might look like  this:java -DjiveHome=/usr/foo/jiveHome -cp . com.myappserver.Server



      • Please consult your server documentation if you are not familiar with setting  up web applications. Most servers give you a choice between deploying a web  application by copying a WAR file into a certain directory (typically  "webapps"), or by using a deploy tool. Use the method that you are most familiar  with