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    jive-sdk: update on windows install issues

      OK... We've discovered that installing our killer node-based SDK on Windows can be kinda a pain. This is because there are several things going on when you install the sdk, including pulling down dependencies that you may not need when you are just getting started. Specifically, we pull down libraries for mongo db and redis. Redis, in particular, is what's causing some of the issues because it requires python and a bunch of other stuff.


      Soooooo.... We are in the process of refactoring the jive-sdk to make the "getting started" experience easier for Windows. What we are doing is removing these dependencies and will provide instructions to the user on how / when to add them back. For example, if you want to move away from the file based storage, you use mongo. When you need high availability, you add redis. You can expect this update shortly and should just be able to "npm update" to the latest version.