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    Logging vanished in Developer environment for


      We have an unusal issue with our current development environment.  After we migrated to from our dev environments lost all logging.


      Previously when running cargo-compile-exploded the terminal would fill with a steady stream of logs indicating everything from the normal progression of the application initializing (ie notifications of spring/guice/shindig initialization, plugins loading etc) now we have nothing.  We get the initial logs of apache/catalina/tomcat starting up but nothing else. 


      The normal logging of events such as user logging on, soy templates compiling etc is nowhere to be seen. Ive tried changing the logging levels in the admin console and the pom.xml for the web project but nothing seems to make the logs appear.  Stack trace logs don't appear when catching exceptioons, even the log viewer in the admin console displays nothing after our migration to


      Has anyone else encountered this issue?