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    Incoming link error


      The panel that shows incoming links is not correct.  It always shows links to documents that no longer exist.



      Insert a link in a doc; then remove the link from the doc.  Goto the doc and you will see that the 'no longer active' link is still shown as incoming link.



      This is not correct.



      Marc Vermeulen



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          Curtis Gross

          Hi Marc,


          Could you provide a bit more detail on this?  Do you have a screenshot of where you are seeing the incorrect links?


          Thank you,



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            hi Marc,


            The removal of incoming links is handled by DbLinkManager, which appears to take the appropriate actions when a document is deleted from the system, so I'm a little confused why this would be happening, but just to clarify: a) you create a document 'X', in it you put a link to an existing document 'Y'. b) you view document 'Y' and you see an incoming link from 'X'.  You delete document 'X' and the incoming link remains on document 'Y'.  Is that correct?  What version of Clearspace are you using?