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    Clearspace X host operating system

      HI Guys i'm hoping you can help me out with a performance question.



      My company plans on using clearspace for a hugh site and it will be our core application. 

      We plan on millions of users.



      So with this amount of traffic i need to be sure i'm getting the most of my hardware and software.



      Does Clearspace X run better on a a particular operating system?



      If you had 2 machines with the same hardware, one was running Linux and one was running Windows 2003 server, would there be a performance differance?



      With that in mind.... is it better to have a couple of high spec servers doing the work or several low spec servers? I ask because there are several big sites out there, google, facebook, that run on low cost hardware but lots of it.



      Just wondering if Jive have run  test like this or would be able to offer some advice.



      We are looking to possibly scale this to the heavens and back possibly further than it has been taken before so every piece of performance is vital.