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    YYC Meet-up

    Erin Haines

      Since Doug brought up this awesome idea:

      I'm thinking that Calgary needs a User Group Meeting and I'm interested in putting one on.  Now, considering that the Xmas party season is shortly upon us, I'm thinking that January might be best.  Anyone have suggestions?  I'm thinking we can get together and talk how best to use Jive, share successes and ways to maximize the awesomeness.

      I thought I'd branch this to a new discussion and see if we have any interest.  Looks like Doug has already volunteered to host  (right?!) - so please join this discussion and let us know if you would be interested in attending & when would work best (Jan, Feb?).



      cc: Kelly Shaw, Ryan Daye Heather Maitland, Chris Dittrick (any other Calgarians to call out?)