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    Is there a way to add a breadcrumb trail to the top of the page?  When going to group --> subgroup --> document PDF it would be nice to be able to have the breadcrumb trail so one can go back to any point on the path.


      We have multiple areas set up.  For example:


      1. Content
      2. People
      3. Places
        1. policy
        2. club activities
          -  document 1 PDF
          -  document 2 PDF



      If one goes to:  Places, then to activities, and clicks on an uploaded PDF they are taken to a page they get a breadcrumb trail that looks like the following:




      In this case it would be more desirable to have something like:


      Would be be possible insert a custom breadcrumb trail like:  Places --> Club Activities -->  Document 1 PDF


      Any help would be appreciated!