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    Blog Comment Notification




      I setup a group blog under our ClearspaceX installtion.  I added myself & two other users as authors to the blog.  We are using the moderatoed freature for blog comments.  When users leave a blog comment an email noticication is sent to me but not the other blog authors.  Is there a way I can let them get the notification as well? 



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      Peter Pugliese

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          Two Things To Check:


          1.  If your authors view their profile and then choose the "Email Notifications" tab, does it show that they have watches on the blog in question?


          2.  Are the other authors actually set correctly as moderators of the blog?  If you go into your admin screen and choose Spaces > Permissions > Admins & Moderators > Then choose the appropriate space for the blog, do you see all three authors in the list?  Also, do all three authors have the "Moderate Content" checkbox checked?

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            hi Peter,


            I just glanced at the code that creates these emails: it looks like a couple things have to happen in order for you and your co-authors to get an email. First, you'll need to turn on comment notification for your blog (which I'm guessing you've already done, but if not, you can do it by going to your blog management area --> options --> enable comment notification). Second, and this might be a bug, you might have to have your co-authors set their emails to be visible (you can toggle this by going to your profile0.  Let me know if that works, if so I'm pretty sure I know what needs to be fixed (because you shouldn't have to have your email be visible in order to get these emails).





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