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    Localization of images in Jive 6

      Hey, folks!


      We are upgrading an install of Jive to Jive 6, and all the new shiny is very impressive.

      However, all the images that appear automatically remain unlocalized.

      As our site is for the Government of Canada, we must comply with language laws that require all functionality to exist and be the same in English and French.


      It looks like the three sticking points for us are:

      • English images appear in the new functionality and system notifications. We will need to localize these.
      • The Enterprise Tools pages is neither localized not are the images localized.
      • Jive Anywhere's browser add-on functionality is not localized.


      I understand that there's an upgrade out there of localization as of, so that may address the text localization in the add-on and in the Enterprise Tools page.

      I've done localization before of text using the i18n files, from both sides, but has anyone gone all the way and localized images before?

      Should I just conditionalize the FTL files, or is there a fancier solution?