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    Jive Apps Caching


      Hi guys,



      Can you please check the problem with caching for Jive Apps. I made change with my app but it didnot update the new code. We have to wait a long time for the new update. About haft day for one update. This happens after Jive made a maintenance




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          I would like to second this.  I'm not sure what changes were made during the upgrade to the Fall Cloud Release, but ever since we were upgraded we have run into the same caching problems during development.  I am aware that there is a "disable caching" option in the Dev Console app, but I have set this option and am still running into problems with caching old code.


          Any information or advice you have would be appreciated!


          Kind regards,

          Michael Soltow

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              Apologies for the delay on this one, I was out of the office all day in meetings and didn't see it.


              Are you deploying these apps through Dev Console of the jiveapps command line tools? 

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                  No problem at all!


                  I can't speak for the original poster, but I am currently developing my app through the Dev Console. (It will be a purely local app)

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                      Trying to get this looked into.  I misread your last post and looked into the wrong version of Jive.  Going to try and track this down tomorrow.



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                          Michael Soltow Mac Anh Huy - we've confirmed its a bug that has been introduced; however, we are trying to find a work-around.  Are you developing your apps on your own instance, or one of the Jive sandboxes?  Just trying to see what options are in play here.  If you are not using a Jive sandbox, is this something you would consider in the short-term?


                          Appreciate your patience on this one, holiday schedules making it a bit harder to connect all the dots here. =\

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                              Hi Ryan,


                              Thanks for looking into this!  I'm developing an app in my own instance.  It's not the end of the world at this moment in time that it's not caching, as I can get most things to update in a reasonable amount of time.


                              The one exception is stylesheets, which is making it impossible to make things look right through trial and error (which is necessary for a CSS novice like me!).  The app won't be released widely until January, however.  At that time, it will be critical that we can get it to look right, but for now we just have a small focus group to deal with.


                              Thanks for keeping us posted!  Hope everyone over there has a great Thanksgiving.