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    Wiki editor - still poor behaviour rich text vs plain text - what a shame in a web 2.0 world ....



      I was promised to make the rich text and plain text editor more compatible so that there are no unexpected changes when you switch between the two editors. Although the number of styles is very limited (which is OK for us), there are still huge unexpected behaviours when switching between the two editors. As a result, more and more people in our company use the plain text editor only or they no longer use the product and switch back to their email and word docs for registering notes ....what a shame ! A stable editor environment should change the acceptance of the product so much !!


      A few examples:


      Enter in the plain text editor a quote text, switch back to rich text and then back to plain text. The quote text is now suddenly replaced by a text marked as

      <div class="jive-quote">...</div>



      Each time you switch between the 2 editors, an extra linefeed is added.


      If you then go back to rich text editor, all text below the code block is suddenly shown on top of the code block. To show this correct, you need to enter additional whitespaces.


      When using the code tag, the plain text editor always converts it to code:java tag. This is not correct.



      Once a code tag is used, all text below is indented in the rich text editor. In the preview it is ok.



      Putting a code block below a bullet list is not rendered well. The subsequent bullet items no longer have a bullet and in the preview there is an extra line feed.











      • test line 1

      code block comes here











      • test line 2


      Try the following: add a link to a document and give the link a title




      Switch between rich text and plain text. In plain text, the doc reference is suddenly gone...


      Place the same in a table. When switching from rich to plain text, an extra backslash \ is added to the title ...







      There seems to be no clear relationship between the code that the rich text editor generates and the format in which the data is stored and shown in the plain text editor.  The above is just a small list of what we experience several times a day when writing our wiki pages.


      Hope that this issue gets the required attention in the next versions




      Marc Vermeulen