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    Double Emails and Stale Task Reminder


      We recently changed our Jive's website name to remove a few characters to make it more official after testing with it for a bit. Since we renamed the website we've noticed a few hiccups that seemed to have happened around the time of the name change. One of them could be a coincidence but the other is directly related to the name change.


      Double Emails

      Our Jive Community emails that summarize what has happened appear to be doubling up each night. It appears they're sending out different data between the two emails but I'm pretty sure prior to the name change it was only sending out one email. Is there any reason the Jive Community emails should be sending out multiples? Could there be so much content happening that day that it will send out to two emails?


      Stale Task Reminder

      One of our users had a Task that wasn't finished when we changed the name. Since the name change happened, she completed that task and closed it in the new system. She's still getting notices that the task is overdue but it's coming from the old URL, the link the email is sending her is broken because it's going to an address that no longer exists. Is there a way to discontinue certain notifications that come through the system?


      I wasn't part of the system name change but I'd imagine it was just adjusted in the Admin Console in Jive. I didn't see any options to really discontinue the old URL with its notifications.