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    How to import into Clearspace


      Hello all,



      I'm a new Clearspace user looking for some help with migrating content from another wiki (Confluence).



      I basically have a bunch of pages (some with documents and attachments) that I would like to import into Clearspace. Having searched the support and developer discussion groups I can't find anything conclusive. As a non-developer the API/WebServices stuff is a little out of my reach.



      FYI - I can export my existing pages into XML which includes the content in Wiki Markup.



      Can anybody help? 









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          Hey Simon,



          Unfortunately, the migration that you are talking about actually requires a customization to the product.



          As a sidenote, you must export to html if you want to transfer over your attachments.



          I'll keep you posted on our progress here internally to get a migration path in place.