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    What's the name of this feature?




      At Jive World 2012, I attended the Boot Camp which focused on Jive 6 back then. The boot camp mentioned a neat "bubble help" type feature that advice users how to use the product. For the life of me, I cannot remember the name of that feature. I couldn't find it in the Jive 6 documentation either. I imagine someone out there must know what it's called and where to find more info on it. Help?




      P.S. I was going to attach a screenshot but couldn't get it posted for some reason. In any case, if you've seen Jive 6 out of the box, upon login you'll see a bubble suggestion under the Create menu that says "Say Something ... Ask a question, write a document, share your thought, or send someone a message ...". You can "Skip for now" or "Don't show again". What's the name of this feature? I would like to introduce it to my community. Thanks.

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          Ryan Rutan

          It sounds like you are talking about the Getting Started experience. 


          Perhaps one of the best places to get information on this feature is via the The specified item was not found. group.


          Check out this blogpost:

          Jive 6 Has Arrived

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              Hi Ryan,


              Thanks for the link to Jive 6 Has Arrived. It's very useful.


              I found my notes from Jive World 2012. The feature I am thinking about was called Jive Quests at the training. But as I search the Jive 6 doc, I don't see it mentioned anywhere. That explains why I couldn't find anything in the doc to trigger my memory. I just requested membership to Jive Customers. I'll take a look at the discussions there once I have access.