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    Adding ability to edit existing forms and !App mentioning?

      We have been using the Forms App extensively and were wondering about the plans for the next version - if any.


      We have several functionality requests but the most important one is the ability to load and edit an existing form.  Right now you can create a new form, but once you are done creating it - there seems to be no way to bring it back into the Forms App if you wanted to add another form field later, as an example.  As it stands, you have to go in and edit the Forms Template document - and since you are editing essentially a script file, the chances of user error (missing a comma or a square bracket for example) is extremely high.


      It would also be extremely helpful to have the ability to "!"App mention a particular form inside an object or a Widget/Tile on and Overview/Activity page.


      We love the App and want it to continue to grow.